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Gold Medal Moments – 006 – Dave Calland

This week we talk to the founding director of The Alliance Chorus and international medalist lead, Dave Calland (Uptown Sound, The Allies). Dave and I talk about his barbershop story, his new role with Harmony Foundation and we ask the question, “Is there such thing as too much barbershop?”. This week’s Featured Artist is...

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Gold Medal Moments – 005 – Joe Cerutti

This week, I talk to Alexandria Harmonizers director, Joe Cerutti about his beginnings at Five Towns College and the BHS College Quartet contest. We discuss his work with the BHS youth outreach program and the origins of the “No Borders Youth Chorus”. Finally, we hear his thoughts on this summer’s international contest and the groups to...

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Gold Medal Moments – 004 – Kenny Hatton

In this episode, I talk to one of my favorite leads in barbershop, Kenny Ray Hatton. Kenny sang with the 1978 International Champion Quartet, Bluegrass Student Union. Kenny and I chat about his barbershop story, his mentor, Jim Miller, and how the lessons he’s learned as a barbershopper apply to everything in...

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